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29 Just What People Other Than Alt.Personals Are There For Fulfilling Group?

29 Just What People Other Than Alt.Personals Are There For Fulfilling Group?


This post is online Personals: tips on Straights FAQ, by Dean Esmay esmay@syndicomm with a lot of efforts by other individuals.

To begin with, please don’t publish us to query suggestions posting promotion to those organizations. If you don’t discover, pose a question to your technique administrators ideas put information to Usenet groups–the method is often identical regardless of the class’s factor.

If all you’re enthusiastic about is browsing, or posting, singles ads, you should control yourself to people which can be intended for that goal. In the alt.personals.* hierarchy throughout the Usenet, extremely presently aware about the subsequent people:

soc.personals (possibly the best possible location to discover top-quality advertisements, but definitely check the FAQ for the group before submitting to it–messages into the incorrect format tends to be instantly rejected!) alt.personals (basic place for personal promotion and talking about all of them) (private promotion simply) alt.personals.aliens (extraterrestrials) (bisexuals) alt.personals.big-folks (large men and women) alt.personals.bondage (restraints lovers) alt.personals.fat (body fat users) alt.personals.fetish (those with sexual intercourse fetishes) alt.personals.herpes (those that have Herpes) alt.personals.intercultural (intercultural/foreign relations) alt.personals.jewish (Jews) alt.personals.misc (is apparently much like alt.personals.motss (People In Only One Sexual Intercourse.