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Meet Russian design and fitness guru Polina Kitsenko

Meet Russian design and fitness guru Polina Kitsenko

Polina Kitsenko encourages physical fitness within the hearts that are running, which she cofounded with Natalia Vodianova

Russian fitness and style guru Polina Kitsenko wishes all of it.

Co-founder associated with charity marathon that is biggest inside her house nation as well as a brand new recreations club, she actually is enthusiastic about making physical fitness the center for the luxury life style. She does take time down to talk to LUX Editor-at-Large Gauhar Kapparova

LUX: Which facet of your lifetime inspires your half-million Instagram followers probably the most: the physical physical physical fitness motivation, your look alternatives, your charity work, travel? Polina Kitsenko: Instagram changed a great deal within the previous several years, especially its purpose and influence. It was once sufficient simply to upload an image of your self in an outfit that is nice or to set up a red sunset and get your share of loves. Today Instagram has changed into a effective solution to teach and keep in touch with individuals. People want content, something which inspires them, shows them. Nevertheless the many important things isn’t the specific image – it is so what can be located underneath.