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Life with two boyfriends: in a very relationship that is polyamorous

Life with two boyfriends: in a very relationship that is polyamorous

“we think monogamy ‘s the reason lots of relationships fail,” my then-boyfriend – why don’t we call him Bob – mused 1 day once we relaxed with a few beers after a especially passionate lovemaking session. My stomach knotted and a cool perspiration prickled across my epidermis. We knew the thing that was coming next. “It really is cool when we see other folks, appropriate?” We’d had an atmosphere the constant jokes about threesomes masked one thing much much deeper, and I also was appropriate.

This is maybe maybe perhaps not the things I desired but, smitten, I went along side it.

Yep, my one and only stab at polyamory – the practice of freely having numerous intimate relationships with the permission of everybody included – had been an emergency. Jealousy consumed me personally and I also was not enthusiastic about seeing other folks because we just had eyes for Bob. However for many people, polyamory could be the way that is only can feel pleased in relationships. Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti is one of those individuals and she consented to tell Cosmo her tale.

“We have a boyfriend, whom i have been with for nine years, and another male partner we’ve been seeing for a couple years now whom we describe as my ‘more than the usual play partner’,” she describes. “I adore them both quite definitely.