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Explore Kerala, the jewel of Southern Asia, with this digital trip

Explore Kerala, the jewel of Southern Asia, with this digital trip

Welcome to Kerala

The multicultural state of Kerala along India’s southwestern coastline is a land of sandy beaches, sleepy backwaters, rolling tea plantations, pristine wildlife preserves and a calendar full of colorful festivals. just Take within the sights from afar as we explore this Southern Indian treasure.

Picture thanks to iStock / saiko3p

Chinese fishing nets of Kochi

The giant cantilevered fishing nets you’ll see across the shore near Fort Kochi had been most most likely brought to Kerala by Chinese explorer Zheng He throughout the 14th and fifteenth hundreds of years. These nets, silhouetted against the sunset, are becoming perhaps one of the most identifiable pictures of Kochi.

A pot that is melting of

Hinduism ranks because the largest faith in Kerala, practiced by some 54 % associated with the populace. Their state is certainly one of just a places that are few all major religions have actually coexisted peacefully for years and years. You’ll find Hindu temples, in addition to churches, mosques, Jain temples, Buddhist monasteries and synagogues.

Aanayoottu, the eating associated with elephants

During July and August each hear, devotees crowd the lands of Vadakkumnathan Temple for the Aanayoottu event. It really is thought that by feeding elephants a meal that is ayurvedic of, rice, coconut, ghee, jaggery and medications, worshippers will please Lord Ganesha, the elephant-faced Hindu God proven to remove hurdles.

Aranmula, town of steel mirrors

The town of Aranmula is renowned for the fine metallurgy. The Aranmula Kannadi, a steel mirror handmade into the village, is known to create success in to the house. It’s one of eight items that are auspicious exhibited at essential functions, like weddings.