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The facets of the FICO credit rating

The facets of the FICO credit rating

Getting a high credit rating, you need to understand these five elements, just exactly what each means and its particular weight

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FICO could be the biggest title in the city with regards to credit ratings. Many major card providers and loan providers when you look at the U.S. usage FICO’s old-fashioned model to determine whether to expand credit to consumers and at exactly what rate of interest. In accordance with the company’s internet site, 90 per cent of all of the financing decisions within the U.S. usage FICO ratings, and much more than 27 million ratings can be purchased every day.

FICO does not gather credit data on its own. Rather, it brings your credit file determined by credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax and Transunion) and crunches that information right into a credit score that is three-digit.

The company is open about the five general components of a FICO credit score and how big a role each plays in coming up with the number while the inner workings of the FICO scoring system are a closely guarded secret.